Christmas Celebration

December 23, 2007

A New Symphony

Praise the Lord that at Sheraton Hotel,over 500 brothers,sisters and friends attended our Christmas Celebration Service and 23 accepted Christ.

In the opening, an orchestra was presented. At first, the sounds were terrible as each individual wanted to play their own tune and their own way. It was until the Conductor, led by Bro. Allen, came to encourage and unite all the musicians together. As a result, a new symphony was created and it turned out to be a great composition

Three brothers and sisters testified in the video presentation how God has blessed their lives. Brother Wai Hong from SD5 testified how God blessed him in Australia while he pursued his studies. He got very good results as he brought many people to Christ. He pledged to continue to do more for God in Hope Hong Kong. Sister Amy from SD4 shared that after she knew God, God miraculously changed her from being a self-centered person to an open-minded one. She acknowledged that God is the creator and she pledged to be humble. Brother Jacky from SD3 shared that God has blessed him so much as he was given two big choices. One was to come to Hong Kong to study; the other was to be able to come to this church. In this church, he has experienced the love and care from the brothers and sisters. As he was originally from the Mainland and he had problem expressing himself in Cantonese, brothers and sisters were very helpful and patient to teach him the language. He also thanked God that his mother has always been praying for him to find a church in Hong Kong and miraculously God led Sister Rachel to bring him to church. Brother Jacky pledged to serve God forever as long as he lives! Thank God for these 3 brothers and sister!

Just like Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin who wrote their own symphonies within their lifetime, Pastor Gavin encouraged every one of us to do so as well this Christmas as we allowed God to be the conductor and composer of our life symphony. When we allowed God to “conduct” and “compose” our lives, all the different elements of life could gel together and results in “all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

Pastor also shared that life could be rich with Jesus as our composer and conductor of life. Let’s give our lives to God and experience a different life that is no longer monotonous but of a great composition with harmonious complexities and varieties! At the end of the message, 23 new souls responded and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savoir. Hallelujah! Thank God for His providence!

The service ended with Christmas Caroling. The congregation was joyful to sing and dance to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is a blessing that we are in the family of God and it is our privilege to serve Him. Let’s all grow and embark in a new symphony for Jesus!

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