Hope Couples

September 9, 2007

“Hope Couples’ Day” was facilitated by the Care Department aiming at reinforcing the intra and inter relationship of couples of Hope Church with God amidst. It was held in the afternoon at Brother Allen’s home with over 30 brothers and sisters participating.

After a lively Praise & Worship session led by Brother Hugo, Pastor Gavin gave an opening to the event. Having emphasized on the importance of strong-in-the-Lord couples to the church, he enlightened the group with the theme of the day – “activities between the couple to promote integration”. Integration by itself, as he explained, did not just mean two people walking their lives together as partners, but they should complement each other closely in all areas, Godly and worldly. However, he stressed that it was only by walking closely with God could this be achieved, as we all were weak sinners.

The couples, excited after the encouraging opening, were divided into 4 groups to discuss on their view of suitable activities to promote integration. They then presented their discussion results, which were summarized as follows:

1. Daily activities together
Watch TV, discuss family matters such as family planning & kids’ growth, share matters at work, visit each others’ friends and relatives, visit supermarket and do house work, etc.

2. Affection growth activities
Dating, kisses and hugs, say “”I love you””, give surprising presents, travel at least annually and develop common interest, etc.

3.Spiritual activities
Act upon spiritual activities together(praying,P & W,and reading Bible), intercede with each other,join church activities and services together, hold care group at home and be accountable to each other’s spiritual growth (specifically, draft annual growth plan and monitored by/shared with the other).

All couples were greatly stimulated by each others’ presentation. They could not help discussing the contents until Pastor Gavin started the closing. Pastor was encouraged to see the enthusiasm of the group and he said he was sure that they would be benefited from the event. He raised that this being a good start, must be reinforced to ensure a long lasting effect. He urged them plan for the coming year with such activities as appropriate, and wished all of them could experience growth in the Lord as integrated couples in the coming year.

The day ended with a great feast of nutritious, delicious and colorful fruits on the breathtaking sea-view roof. All showed that they could not wait for the next event!

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