Hope Elite

September 30, 2007

The Hope Elite retreat was held at Tso Kung Tam Retreat Centreheld from September 30th till October 1st.It was the time to understand that we should utilize our single-hood to serve God to the maximum and acknowledge us the right way in building a strong family in the future.

The retreat started with the introduction of a slogan of “We are fit! We are Bright! You are Right! Be His Light!” followed by the grouping of brothers and sisters into 8 different groups with 10 persons each. With the aim of building relationships within the groups, each group had 30 minutes to find the checkpoints within the campsite. After this game, each group was invited to create and present a mascot that is in alignment with the slogan.

In the evening of the first day, Sister Rachel and the team led the powerful Praise and Worship.Following that, Pastor Gavin shared to us that life as a single did not mean that we were lonely people, because when God created Adam, Adam was not lonely as he had a good relationship with God before Eve was given to him. Hence, we should seek to have a good relationship with God and served Him whole-heartedly. Pastor Gavin also shared about a triangle diagram stating that when two persons sought God first, the end point of the triangle was where they would meet and the relationship between would be very good and filled with God’s blessings. Immediately after that, Brother Alex, Sister Janice and Cindy were invited to share with us in the area of career. Sister Cindy shared that when she first started to work in the Government sector, she always had to face numbers, which was a very big challenge to her. However, she testified that God had initially put her in this field with the aim of training her up to serve in the area of counting tithings and offerings in church. Brother Alex shared about how God had blessed his business when he learned to do things in a biblical and godly way. It was indeed the grace and power of God when money just came in for almost no reason. Sister Janice shared how God had trained her courage to face many people when she first entered the hotel industry. Later on, she had a vision from God to work in the Tour Industry to evangelize and share God’s salvation to tourists. In the area of marriage lif, Sister Lolita shared how God had blessed her family when both her husband and herself loved and served God fully. She also shared about how a godly family had positive influence and blessing over her child.

During the free time, our brothers and sisters had the opportunity to engage in various activities such as archery, badminton, rock-climbing, snooker, and rope obstacles. This retreat, although it was short, it left a sweet memory for all of us that although we are still single but we should “Let our light shine before men, that they may see our good deeds and praise our Father in heaven. ” (Matthew 5:16)

Thank God for the Care Department.Thank God for this wonderful retreat! Hallelujah!

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