Lunar New Year Celebration

February 10, 2008

On the fourth day of the year of the Rat, brothers and sisters gathered again in high spirits for our Lunar New Year Sunday Service. After welcoming and blessing each other under warm and joyful music of Chinese New Year, Sister Rachel and her all-gold team in traditional Chinese costumes led us into a powerful session of Praise and Worship for our mighty God.

Brother Eric, a father of three and CEO of a company, testified how God led him through his period of financial difficulties after the birth of his third child. Although he was blessed with a new baby and acquired his own property, he faced a hard time in his finance, which caused him to stumble and was short of faith in tithing. However, our faithful and graceful God rebuilt Eric’s faith, and he repented. Even more, God blessed him with the successful sale of his property at record-high price! Our brother reminded us of God’s grace. Although we may from time to time stumble and fall away from God, we must always repent and hang onto Him and His ways. Have complete faith in God, and His wonderful and unpredictable blessings will surely follow.

Bother Yong’s preaching from Psalm 128 was unexpectedly in tune with Brother Eric’s testimony. Titling “Blessings for those who walks in God’s ways”, he shared with us what God means by blessings from Him. Although we sinners are not worthy of His blessings, God will bless those who fear Him and follow his ways. Areas in our lives where His blessings will fall include satisfying and prosperous careers, numerous and pleasant children in a harmonious family, good health and long life, and also a prosperous and peace-filled church. In order to receive such blessings, which will also enable us to bless others, we must continuously walk in God’s ways. Let us encourage each other and follow God together, who will want to miss out on His incomparable and wonderful blessings?

After praying for each other that God will bless us in all areas throughout the year of the Rat, we sang Chinese New Year songs together in a festive and joyful atmosphere. The Children Church then went on to the stage to wish everyone a happy new year with good health in sign language! They also gave us New Year Fai Chun-s which they wrote themselves. Such wonderful blessings to have energetic and cute children in our church!

Amidst the laughter, awards for the Lunar New Year Costume Competition were presented. Sister Yvonne in her cute braids and red outfit outshone all the girls. Brother Ray defeated all his fellow brothers with his handsome gold Chinese suit. Of all the children, little Joseph with his full set of orange and yellow costume topped with a cute hat was sure to win. To push it up to a climax, a brother accepted Christ ! Praise the Lord!

After the closing praise, we all left in happy spirits knowing that God will bless us in every way in the coming year.

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