Year-End Prayer Meeting and Countdown

December 31, 2007

On New Year’s Eve, more than 100 brothers and sisters gathered at Hope Centre for the count down prayer meeting.

A powerful praise and worship, led by Sister Rachel and Brother Ray, was filled with joy and love to celebrate the coming of 2008.

The prayer started with thanksgiving to God for a fruitful 2007, with 302 brothers and sisters having accepted Jesus Christ;90 brothers and sisters being water baptized and 502 persons attending our church. We thanked God also for the success of the following areas: having started the multiple Sunday Services, sourcing of new Church venue and the church’s building fund. God has blessed us tremendously in these areas. After taking communion, Pastor Gavin encouraged us to pray for ourselves in the area of social, physical, mental and spiritual which are altogether inevitably important to our life. He also shared with us that the four area of focus for 2008 would be on Effective Outreaching, Dynamics and Creativity in Assimilating New converts, Enhancing the Praise and Worship Team as well as Leadership Development.

Before midnight, we sang our praises to welcome 2008. The whole church was overwhelmed by love and warmth in the beginning of the New Year.

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