Annual church camp II

May 17, 2009

The second part of the annual camp was a 2-days camp at Hong Kong Baptist Assembly in Fanling. It was filled with nicely-designed activities and spirit-filled preaching which renewed us physically and spiritually.

The programme started at 10 a.m. Sister Loretta and the team led us to play some relationship-building games. It was a great time for brothers and sisters of different sub-districts to get to know each other. After lunch, we had a series of exciting outdoor games. Brothers and sisters were divided into four teams and competed for championship. Every member made his biggest effort to contribute to the team. Everyone had great fun, and it is amazing to see the power of teamwork!

After renewing our physical bodies, it was time to renew our spirits with praise and worship. During praise and worship, God reaffirmed to us that nothing could separate us from His love. Many brothers and sisters were touched by the Holy Spirit and experienced a great renewal. The first day of the camp ended with a barbecue dinner during which we could enjoy more talks with one another.

The major programme for the second day was the Sunday Service. After a joyful praise and worship led by Brother Ray, Sister Debbi shared with us how she learned to live a good life testimony of a Christian. She said that she was a hot-tempered person and always complaining. Once she got ill-tempered again and was very rude to her domestic helper. When God’s love touched her heart again, she felt remorse and repented. Then she apologized to her helper. Being encouraged by God’s Word, “”offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship”” (Romans 12:1-2), Sister Debbi has determined to fear God and serve more.

Through Apostle Paul’s instructions to Timothy (2 Tim 1:1-10), Pastor Gavin’s preached about renewing our vision in God, in terms of worship, prayer and Word of God, and ministry. We should renew our vision for worship by embracing a lifestyle of devotion to God. We should renew our vision for prayer and God’s Word by expressing our hearts to God and by responding to God’s invitation to a holy life respectively. Using the giftings that God has given to us to serve Him and testifying about Jesus are ways to renew our vision for ministry. Let us continue to stretch ourselves and persevere with the vision God has given us.

Praise God for such a wonderful time. Let’s all be renewed and carry on serving Him wholeheartedly.

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