Blood Donation

May 28, 2010

Praise the Lord for 136 willing hearts that registered and for the 96 that finally successfully gave blood on our Blood Donation Day.

By 4:00pm, the volunteers started coming into our Tsuen Wan Church venue and upon completing the registration and filling of the medical history form, went through a private medical screening and a hemoglobin test. Each of them was served drinks and snacks to make sure their bodies have sufficient nutrients before the blood extraction. The 96 successful donors gave blood in volumes of either 350ml or 450ml, depending on their body weight.

As it was in the past, this blood donation event presented a great opportunity for Church members to invite their friends, relatives, colleagues, and even classmates.
In fact, this year saw a lot of young faces joining this charitable activity, which added lots of vibrant to the atmosphere.

The event also marked the official launching of a “”book corner”” inside the Church, whereupon selected Christian inspirational books and magazines were on display for browsing and ordering. The book corner provided a great opportunity for brothers and sisters to introduce their friends to good readings, during the rest periods before and after giving blood.

We thank God for every brother and sister that showed support and sacrificial heart in turning out for this event. The 96 successful donors marked an all time high figure since our Church started holding this event. It is truly a blessing that we can serve the Lord and serve the community together.

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