Mission Sunday

April 11, 2010

Mission Sunday started with great Praises to the Lord. The Praise and Worship team led the congregation into high realms and to worship HIM with great honour. The P&W leader, Brother Allen, brought the congregation to dream big for the Lord.

A power-point was shown on different events on the Mission Field. It was very encouraging as we could see how many lives were touched in many ways. The smiles that were displayed on their faces showed the peace they found in the Lord. Tony, the Chairperson alerted us that we might not be able to go to the fields but we could support through financial pledge and prayers.

Brother Wai Hong testified on how every effort made by each participated brother and sister made a difference and how joyful it was in having lives turned to the Lord. The sacrificial love and spirit demonstrated were very influencing. He denoted that it was not how much we could do but how willing we would like to offer. He even shared one of his experiences in a mission camp where they got to know each other better. Though the brothers and sisters faced lots of challenges, especially financially to attend a camp, they persevered and did all they could to join. He ended his testimony with Matthew 28:19-20 reinforcing God’s command to go and make disciples of all nation.

Ps. Arlene shared the story of James Hodgson Taylor. He obeyed God’s instruction to go to the land to do God’s work though he was facing a lot of challenges.His right decision at that time made a difference. Millions of people came to know Jesus because of him. And his great grandson is still doing God’s great work in the land.

The preaching was entitled “”Jesus Commission Us”” from John 20:19-23.
Ps. Arlene brought up four points:- Firstly, Jesus accepts us for what we are and forgives us. Secondly, Jesus commissions us to win souls for Him, to share the love of God with others so that they can have salvation and eternal life. Thirdly, Jesus equips us. If we desire to evangelize , God will train us up, work and speak for us. We just have to do our best and God will do the rest. Last but not least, Jesus motivates us that evangelizing to every soul is practicing and sharing forgiveness. Never judge and decide who is suitable to receive salvation.

In this everlasting job that God gave us, the more we serve, the more blessings we will have. We grow as we serve and we should also learn to be mature,be a joyful children of God, not complaining but always keep glorifying His name.

At the end of the preaching,we were encouraged to commit our mission pledge,
and the congregation responded overwhelmingly. Praise the Lord !

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