Mother’s Day

May 13, 2012

The event started with a warm hand-shake welcome throughout the congregation. After which, Sister Rosa brought the atmosphere to peak with her inspiring Praise and Worship. Praise the Lord that it is Mother’s Day!

Sister Catherine of SD2, TW4 shared how her family came to know Christ and the greatness of the whole family having the same mission. She experiences great blessings, peace and joy as the love of God surrounds the family. Every issue in the family was solved in accordance to God’s principles, bringing a very close and good relationship throughout the generations. God’s love has changed her to be a much more accommodating and loving person, to focus on God and not only on herself. Prayers and encouragements from leaders and shepherd helped her to depend on God to overcome challenges. In her mission trip early this month, she personally saw miracles. She also desired to build a new care group.

Isaiah 54:13 All your children will be taught by the LORD, and great will be their peace. This wonderful verse kicked off a slide show of photos of mothers and their children in past and now. It tinkled memories of both mothers and children of those days. Mothers were then invited to stage for photo-taking. Pastor Gavin, together with the congregation prayed for them and children from the Children Church presented them with a sweet present. The atmosphere was filled with love and joy. From the smiles of the mother, everyone could feel the sweetness of blessings. A beautiful cake complemented the event.

Pastor Gavin preached on the Motherhood of the Lord in Isaiah 66:12-14. A video was shown on how a little child helped his mum very much in doing house chores for extra pocket money and, one day, mum returned a note stating that everything that was done for him all those years, were definitely for free. This touched the child and he apologized to his mum and helped willingly ever since then.

This story reminds us of how God unconditionally gave us the gift of eternity, totally free. Pastor highlighted three important words in the verses, which is peace, nurse and be glad. There were two main points in the message – A Peace filled Protection and Providence and A Life-Changing Touch.God displays His motherhood by extending His peace to our lives through assurance and protection. By nature, mothers know their children and would do anything to protect them, no matter what they have done wrong. They always want to give their children the best. They will comfort their children. Pastor shared different verses in the Bible, which has displayed all of the above qualities. Nursing is like mother’s breastfeeding their children milk to keep them healthy. God feeds us the spiritual milk, the word of God, to keep us healthy and show us the way to a righteous life. God touches our lives through his unconditional forgiveness, which provides us peace, love and joy that the world cannot give.

At the end of the service, mothers were served with cake while they enjoyed the photo-taking session with their children at the beautifully decorated corner. Within a short span of time, the photos were developed and presented to them. All mothers were happy and thankful to all the arrangements.

Let’s keep loving all the mothers and be good sons and daughters of our Lord.

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