Youth Carnival

December 26, 2012

Praise the Lord! It is amazing how God uses the youth to impact society!

On 26 December 2012, our Youth Group, SD3, held a carnival called “Smile, Care, Love” (微笑•關懷•愛) at the Kwai Tsing Theatre Plaza. The youth of our church wishes to spread the message of love to the community through genuine care and encourage people to take initiative to smile to one another. Through smiling, caring and loving one another, the youth hopes to give more warmth and create more smiley faces in our society.

The most popular spot for children were the game booths. The mini games brought much joy and laughter to children, parents and grandparents alike. Our magicians also thoroughly entertained their audience with their magic tricks. Girls particularly loved the body-painting booth, and all of them left with a satisfied smile on their face and a glittery pattern on the back of their hand.

Not only was the venue filled with laughter, it was also filled with the sweet smell of cotton candy and popcorn. To the kids, nothing beats the feeling of holding a fluffy cotton candy in their hands while munching on popcorn. Not to mention the amazing balloon animals and balloon hats which made the venue even more cheerful and colourful.

On the quieter end of the venue,there was a photo board telling a story about the power of a smile, and another with photos showing acts of kindness. The youths also built a “Christmas tree” with objects which could inspire people to think about their relationships with different people in their lives.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the performance sessions. The audience was first warmed up by the joyful dancing and singing performances which spread the message of love. Then, a powerful drama was presented. It told a story of how a typical Hong Kong family finally learnt how to truly love one another, in the hard way. At the brink of the family falling apart, they finally realised what has been missing, and made the decision to truly love and care for one another. Tears sparkled in the eyes of the audience as the story echoed in their hearts.

The drama was followed by a musical mime portraying four typical relationships that we often see in our society – a pair of lovers, a boss and his employee, a teacher and her student, and the average family – who all grew to develop dissatisfaction and even hatred towards each other. As they faced a critical point in their relationship, a voice inspired them to think about the other’s feelings. Eventually, they each made the choice to humble themselves and to care for each other’s needs.

Praise the Lord that the visitors enjoyed the event and we hope that we all will keep on smiling,caring and loving in our daily life.

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