Lunar New Year Celebration

February 10, 2013

On the very first morning of this year Lunar New Year, brothers and sisters come to worship together in the house of the Lord.

The traditional Chinese decorations of the church blends nicely with the devine joy we receive from the Lord.

Following praise and worship, Sister Winnie from SD5 gave her testimony. She shared about God’s work in Medical Relief to the Phillipines last December. God has turned the patient’s grief into joy through prayer. This is God’s immediate healing. Hallelujah!

Then comes the result of “Duilian” competition. Every caregroups submits two “Duilian” with theme of  “joyful year”. These are nicely written with on pieces of Red paper and posted in the church. This year the winner goes to SD2 Unit 2 Tsing Yee caregroup.

The sermon is on Isaiah 43:18-19, titled “A new beginning, all things anew” . Brother Alan reminded us not to dwell in the past, for doing so will blunt our sensitivity to God’s work right now. As we serve the Lord, it is important for us to depend wholly on the Holy Spirit guidance rather than on our own experience. It would be a trap for us to depend on our own experience if we keep living in the past. God is definitely pouring out his blessing today, like a living fountain flowing within. We have to look forward to God’s brand new work in our lives.

The service is concluded in prayers for each other, that God renew our lives today.

Let’s take hold of God’s Word and live with expectation for this prosperous year ahead!

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