Blood Donation

May 24, 2013

Give Blood save lives!

Yes! It was the time of the year for brothers and sisters to take part in the annual blood donation day.

We could feel the joy within us as we sat down to fill in the questionnaires. It was great that everyone saw this as a privilege to put love in action. Groups of people were chatting, catching up while waiting for blood test. Video of church activities was played on the projector and it added as another topic for bros and sisters and their friends. Many people were in the queue or on the chair donating their blood joyfully . Right at the end of the hall sat successful donors who were enjoying their drinks and biscuits to replenish their energy. They were carrying satisfied and fulfilled smile on their faces.

Praise God that this year we reached a total of 52 successful donors out of more than 80 participants . Even though some were not able to donate due to health or other reasons,but we have all learned to take better care of ourselves and try again next year!

Pray that the blood will be able to bless those in need that they will get to know God love.

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