Hope Elite

June 9, 2013

The theme for this year was “Power Race”!

After a powerful opening prayer, the day officially started!

Each team had to complete 10 tasks and return to church by 6pm. The tasks included having a sumptuous yet unique lunch, taking photos with strangers, filming an MTV, coming up with a creative 1 min advertisement, contributing to the society, returning to church to complete three tasks which included an evaluation time. It was great to see different teams working together with joy and full of energy!

Before 6 pm, one by one each team came back to report their progress for the day. You could see the excitement on their face, each hoping that they would be the first! The weather had been a great blessing! The rain came and went at the right time and none was drenched at all.

Dinner was served and conversations about the day continued between brothers, sisters and friends. The day didn’t tire them out at all, instead everyone was really refreshed, and you could see the sparkle in their eyes!

Soon it was time for the prize presentation, feedback of the day was shared joyfully and laughter and handclaps filled the church. All enjoyed the videos produced by each team and the quality is amazingly good, everyone couldn’t seem to have enough of them.

Finally, the winners were announced, and everyone treasured the event and kept moving on for the best of His kingdom.

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