Father’s Day

June 16, 2013

Thanks God for the wonderful Father Day’s service.

After the praise and worship, a short video presentation featuring kids from the children church saying thank you to their fathers followed. It was so sweet that even the strongest soul melts. Then all the fathers in the congregation were invited to the stage for blessing, souvenirs and photos.

The testimony was given by Brother Clemens,he testified God’s goodness on how God has helped him to overcome his fear and led him into fatherhood. Praise God that he now is a happy father of two and soon three children.

Pastor Arlene then preached on the sermon entitled “Respect your father”, based on Joshua 24:14-18. As a great leader of Israel, Joshua demonstrated what is required of a respected father. First, he gave instruction to his family and the Israelites to serve the Lord.  Second, he set an example to live out the Word.

After the service, the fathers are invited for further photo session at the back of the church.

Let’s continue to honor our father and bring glory to God.

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