Hope Couple

September 7, 2014

Praise the Lord that nearly 20 couples joined the Hope Couple 2014.The theme for this year is 愛.回家 .

The atmosphere for ice-breaking games was joyful.  The session of “Dream House” enlightened everybody the true meaning of home.   Group discussion and sharing time came right after the role-playing,different scenarios were discussed, including role of family, love your spouse’ family & balance of life.

After group discussions, Pastor Gavin asked “What is Love ? “

From the bible, 1 Corinthians: Chapter 13 says about Love, is the characteristics of love only.  We need to know the source of LOVE. God is Love. Then the more we know God, the more we get close to Him, the more we understand and experience love.   The more we experience love, the more we can show love to each other.

So make sure we bring God home……

Make sure there is God between the husband and wife !

And bringing God home means bringing Love home.

Thanks God for the event,and thank God for His love.

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