23rd Church Anniversary Celebration

August 23, 2015

Praise the Lord for leading the church into its 23rd birthday !

The Lord has been faithful in leading his beloved Hope Family into the 23rd anniversary, and this year’s theme was called “I Stand ”, encouraging brothers and sisters to stand fast in the grace of the Lord.

In the morning of 23rd August 2015, the congregation gathered at the Hope Centre for the Anniversary Celebration Service.  The service started with a video opening leading the congregation to the theme, I Stand.  Then, our praise and worship team led the congregation into a powerful praise and worship session, whereby brothers and sisters were led into a worship of our true Almighty King that is at all times full of love and grace, and the congregation lifted up the Holy name of Jesus Christ.

After partaking the bread and wine together as one body of Christ, some of our sisters shared their testimonies via video in how God transformed their lives. For Sister Carol (G3), the Lord led her to a more healthy lifestyle, bring not just a peace of mind, but also the strength and health of our Temples of the Spirit; the Lord even used her renewed lifestyle to attract people to come to Christ and bless the Kingdom of God.  For Sister Hoping (G6) with a willing heart to serve but was seeking a direction, the Lord miraculously arranged for a new Junior Youth Service Ministry for her to serve our young brothers and sisters and to bring them closer to the Lord.   For Sister Sheila (G1) the Lord not just cured her temper, but also blessed her entire family by His wonderful Medical Relief Mission in the Philippians, and was inspired to serve the Lord by bringing more and more souls to the Lord.   The Lord has been faithful in His wonderful works in their lives.

Then it came the wonderful performance of our brothers and sisters.  The energetic dance was truly a demonstration of us being alive and active at the same time.

Last but not least, Pastor Gavin shared the Word of God from Galatians 5:1, whereby encouraging the congregation that Christ spared His own life on the cross and conquered death for our freedom from the bondage of sins and legalism, and that it was our choice whether we would be willing to keep dwelling in Christ, our source of freedom.  Pastor Gavin also encouraged the congregation that even we are not perfect, God will always be delighted for us standing fast in believing in Him !

At the end of the service, 13 visitors made the wonderful decision to accept Christ as their personal Saviour.  Praise the Lord for His wonder, and leading the church into another year of abundance !

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