Anniversary Cup

July 1, 2018

We came to another year of wonderful basket match !
It was our 26th Anniversary Cup.

On this day, our family gathered at the stadium for the wonderful matches. We had a change of formation this year, instead of gripping our participants by their respective groups, we have them group according to their respected skills , so that their performance would be not differ that much.

In addition to the exciting matches, there were also times for the parents-children games, shepherds-sheep games and couple games. Each of these competitions consist of various interesting mini games for our brothers and sisters to enjoy, and to have wonderful fellowship time together.

For these games, participants cooperated with each other to finish certain tasks, including transporting balls from a place to another, blowing off sticky notes off their faces and doing basketball shootouts. It was a fun time together. In the end, brother Teddy’s Team won for the parent-children league, and brother Allen’s Team D won the shepherds-sheep / couples league. Congratulations!

As for the regular matches, they were as exciting as before. For the girls,Philipino,Thai and HK teams all tried their very best to win the games. In the end, the HK team won the girls’ competition. For the guys, we had 3 teams this year, comprising brothers and friends from different groups. Each group did their best to get their team to the final, and to build each other up through the competition. In the end, Team 3 and Team 2 got into the final.

The boys final was a tight and exciting match. The two teams kept on overtaking one another, creating an exciting atmosphere. In the end, team 3 won the trophy with a tight 23 : 19 win.

Congratulations to all the winners, and praise God for another year of wonderful basketball matches!

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