Blood Donation

June 24, 2018

It was time again for our annual blood donation drive, a collaboration with the Red Cross. Way before the day, brothers and sisters had been watching the their diet and having ample rest so that they would be in the best of health when they donate blood. They had been actively inviting their friends to join too.

At 2pm people started to show up at Hope of God church Hong Kong and in no time you can see them filling up the bed used for donating blood.

Praise God ! To be able to donate blood is also a blessing as it shows that the donors are in good health. Even though we had some unsuccessful donors but they stood by their friends and cheered them on. Many of our Filipinos bros and sis came after their afternoon service. The place was filled with smiles and voices of happy people.

It was great to see the family of God coming together to serve the community through this drive. Some of them were actually regular donors . We hope to bring this drive near to our brothers and sisters, raise the awareness of the need of the blood bank in community and hopefully they become regular donors too. Sharing with them the joy of giving. “You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35b

Thank God that the day ended with 56 successful donors with 75 registered donors in total.  Another fruitful and meaningful time,  keeping in prayers that next year the unsuccessful donors will be eligible. May God bless us all with good health all year round. See you all next year!

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