Bible Conference

September 22-23, 2018

I Follow !

Finally the day had arrived for our annual Bible Conference.

Pastor Gavin shared focusing on the bible verse John 8:12 NIV When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

The conference is divided into 4 parts.

  • Follow Him because He is the Light of the world
  • Follow Him and walk out of darkness
  • Follow Him and receive Light of life
  • Follow Him in bringing Light to the world

For the first teaching, Pastor Gavin defined the meaning of Light using John 1:1-4. Showing us clearly that light means the glory of God revealed through Jesus Christ. In old testament we can only see the back of God or with a veil but in the new testament we are able to see the face of God. Jesus is the one who had fulfilled the law and so that we can all be saved from sins. There are people who received as well as some who rejected Jesus. The way to love Jesus more is to “count” the cost of following Jesus, seeing that He has given us more than we deserved.

For the second teaching,  walking out of darkness through following, Pastor Gavin shared with us what is darkness and the side effects of it which is sorrow, anger and sickness. On the other hand,  the Light, wisdom, knowledge, discretion and understanding will deliver us (Proverbs 2:10-15).  Recognising that we are the children of the Light and what Jesus had done for us, we will be more forgiveness conscious. The more we follow Christ the more we will be able to turn away from the flesh, peace and confidence will enter our lives. And we will be rejoicing in Christ, rejoicing in the Light.

In the third teaching, Pastor Gavin encourages us that we need to receive from the Light that Gives us life. Knowing it is not enough, we need to learn to receive. It is His presence that gives us the life and assurance. His presence will open up our eyes of our heart so that we will be able to see Life. His presence will open up our eyes to see the picture that He is crafting to strengthen our Faith in Him. Keep close to God and His Light will shine in and through our life as we receive.

In the final teaching, Pastor Gavin shared the Light in our lives has its power of breaking through the darkness of the World. God has eyes  for righteousness people, He is not out to condemn people. Grace and mercy comes through Jesus Christ. As the world gets darker, the Light of God shines brighter than ever. God loves us and this has never changed. He knows our struggles and His loves endures forever. Let’s go out to proclaim Good News.

It had been a blessing to receive the Words of God and that had given us so much of His assurance. Apart from sharing the Word of God, Pastor Gavin ministered to the congregation. Praying for them to receive His healing in Spirit, mind, soul and physical needs. The congregation responded with Faith and received in the Name of Jesus.

Praise God for yet another blessed Bible Conference where the Word of God touches and satisfies  our inner most needs.

Keep following Jesus and walk out of darkness into the Light. His abundant blessings will be upon all of us. Amen !

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