Worship Revival

September 23, 2018

This year our Worship Revival kicked off with a Musical “I am not Disobedient to the heavenly Vision” It is about Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee in Jerusalem after the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ swore to wipe out believers of Jesus. One day, on the road to Damascus, a blinding light struck down Saul. But as he was blinded in his physical eyes, Jesus revealed to him and let him see in his heart the will of the Father.

In one moment of fear and enlightenment, Saul saw and understood that Moses gave the Law of the Old Testament, but God’s will is that the Truth and Grace would come to the world by Jesus Christ. Jesus was the true Messiah that all the Jews had been waiting for throughout the ages, and the gospel is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, including the Jews and the Gentiles. Laying down his previous beliefs as a Pharisee, Saul now knew the truth of God , and therefore chose to follow Jesus.

Saul’s life-changing experience on the Damascus Road led to his baptism and his calling to be sent out as the ambassador of Christ. He became the most determined of the apostles, suffering the brutal physical pain, persecution, and eventually, martyrdom.

Saul’s conversion proves that God can call and transform anyone He chooses, even the most hard-hearted ones. His conversion also showed that one person’s life testimony can create an impact on the lives of many. While Jesus Himself wanted the gospel message to go to the end of the world, He called us to work together as a church to become the light of the world.

Jesus had transformed Saul with His resurrection power. Today, He wants to work in our lives as well, imagine what Jesus can do through us as we follow him just as Saul did and gave Him complete control of his life.

Praise God for the talented brothers and sisters of different areas, who worked together and blessed us with this wonderful musical. Through the musical, we were all touched by the love and salvation of Jesus.After the musical, the congregation moved into praising and worshipping God.

As our worship leaders Allen, Charles, Jun and Rosa lead the worship, everyone responded to with excitement and singing out every words from their spirit, mind and soul. This year the worship team also incorporated instruments like the cello, violin and saxophone and also with choral singing. God has given us giftings that we can use to serve Him and bring His people closer to Him with. Thank God that through the Praise and Worship, we were all drawn closer to our Lord.

As we moved into worshipping God, Pastor Gavin encouraged the congregation to kneel down, surrender and receive from God. Thank God that by walking in the Light, our lives are to be transformed. We had to simply received with faith. Everyone was down on their knees and lifting up their hands to God, allowing Holy Spirit to administer. Praise God for His faithfulness and Grace, the congregation was touched.

God is Great all the time. As the worship continued, everyone was brought higher and deeper into His presence, desiring more and more of Jesus’s presence. It felt like the world has stopped and we were all being brought up to the heaven where there was an overwhelming sense of peace, joy and love. Jesus was here with us!

Towards the end of the Worship Revival, Pastor Gavin encouraged all to hold our hands as we sang the song, You are my All in All . The congregation responded and stepped out together to signify that we would follow Jesus. Everyone was Worshiping together holding each other’s hand. What a magnificent scenario that was to see the church, the body of Christ coming together as one!

Praise God for being the Light in our lives!

We follow you Jesus! We follow you as one!

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