Easter Celebration

April 1, 2018

Happy Easter !

The theme of this year’s Easter Celebration is “He Heals”.

To start the celebration, an opening video that demonstrates the life of Jesus was shown. Then brother Allen and the Praise and Worship Team led the congregation into a powerful worship where brothers and sisters could experience the healing power of Jesus.

After that, there was a video showing the life-changing testimonies of three sisters. First, sister Ceres shared her amazing spiritual journey with God in the past 20 years. With God’s grace, she led her family to know Christ, including her parents, brother, husband and son. God miraculously extended her husband’s life for 10 years even after he was diagnosed as having cancer. In spite of difficulties, she is determined to continue to serve God with her family. Next, sister Mandy thanked God for the opportunities to serve Him as a shepherd, Care Group leader and in the Decoration Team. In the past, she took care of her sheep with her own strength and was easily worried. But then, she has learnt to depend on God. In the past few years, she experienced lots of struggles. God encouraged her through the Scripture Leviticus 25:10. She learnt to look upon Jesus, not her problems. Lastly, sister Minerva shared that God has changed her tremendously since she accepted Christ in 2007. She has become willing to share her feelings with other sisters and give tithes. Once her nephew in the Philippines was extremely sick. She kept praying for him and God healed him completely. She has learnt to trust in God in all difficulties. Now she is leading two Care Groups and desires to serve God all her life.

After the video,a group of brothers and sisters performed askit. It is a story set in the hospital ward of oncology about a young man, James, who is recuperating from cancer and a newly admitted middle-aged man, Uncle Wah. Uncle Wah is a grumpy man and very anxious about his health and family. However, because of James’s acceptance and encouragement, he experiences God’s healing upon his body, soul and spirit.

Then Pastor Gavin preached on the Scripture Isaiah 53:5. Thetitleofthesermonis“HeHeals”. People’s rebellion and sins lead to sufferings and pain. Therefore, Jesus died on the cross to experience physical, mental and spiritual pain, taking the punishment of the rebellion and sins. The biggest gift Jesus gave us is the forgiveness of sins, which brings forth peace and healing. What we need to do to maximize what Jesus had done for us is to follow Him and know Him personally.

Praise the Lord that three visitors accepted Christ in the altar call. Thank God for the wonderful celebration and let’s keep following Jesus !

Skit of Easter 2018

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