Year-end Thanksgiving Celebration

December 31, 2022

Praise God for His leading in the year 2022. It was time to give thanks to God and welcome 2023 with prayers.

After a powerful praise and worship led by sister Rosa and the team, there was a follow-up activity for the one-dollar-one-prayer campaign. First, brother Sam invited sister Success to share about the blessings and leading of God on this campaign. Then the whole church took a photo with the boxes containing the one-dollar coins. After that, representatives from each group started counting the money collected in the boxes. There was also a guessing game to guess the number of one-dollar coins and the sum of money collected. There are 4131 coins in total and the amount is HKD 7726.5. Sister Vicky got the closest guess for the number of coins while Pastor Gavin, brother Charles, and sisters Stephanie and Susan got the closest guesses for the total amount of money collected.

After that, there was a game session led by the MLT Team. The first one was hosted by brother Fei. He invited a few brothers and sisters to sing PW songs that were not of their own languages, and asked others to guess the song titles. Then brother Bear and sister Grace led the second game testing us on memories of the events in this year. We had great fun playing these games.

Before the whole church partook the last holy communion in 2022, sister Elaine told us to form prayer groups with brothers and sisters from different groups and share our thanksgiving and prayers together.

Then pastor Gavin shared that 2022 was a year of manifestation. We might have gone through hardships in 2022 but God has helped us manifest His salvation indeed. We are manifesting the new life God has given us, for example, through prayers and doing new things. We are manifesting the born-again life to prepare for the year 2023. Pastor Gavin believes that God will continue to revitalize our life in 2023 for a new adventure. 2023 will be a year of revitalization.

We then welcomed 2023 with our praises to the Lord and greetings from brothers and sisters. It was a joyful and blessed time together !

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