Medical Relief I

May 1, 2012
We had just completed our 4 days of Medical Relief in Philippines from 2 to 5 May. Praise God that a total of 1740 people were treated and 1763 souls were saved to God’s Kingdom.

In this round of medical relief more than 50 brothers and sisters participated and our local core team in Manila showed their full support. This time we also had a group of nurse students coming in to help us in the translation.

Our target of 1600 was fulfilled and God blessed us with even more. From the start of the trip we faced the challenges of flights delay of doctor and our pastor but nevertheless our faith in the Lord had brought us through. Different challenges kept coming but God’s blessings and providence was proved to be greater. We were facing insufficient doctors and extremely hot weather. Yet God is in control and he hears our prayer.

Praise God for the many miracles we witness throughout the trip e.g. an old man who could not walk and  now can walk. Another who could not move hand (caused by stroke) moved when God baptized him.  Praise God for His love and grace. Many people’ hearts were soften and accepted Jesus! The harvest is great and His power kept pouring unto the people.

On Sunday morning, we witnessed the Water baptism of 10 brothers and sisters outside the ministry house. Everyone was joyful to see them committing themselves to the Lord. As Pastor Gavin baptized them, brothers and sisters continued to sing praises to our Lord.

Then we proceed to Sunday Service venue and started our prayer walk. When it was about 10 am, people started to pour in to attend the service. Soon it was filled with the people, young and the old. Sister Ivy led the Praise and Worship, and everyone enjoyed it.

A sister shared her testimony of how God healed her sickness and then pastor Gavin preached of God words, encouraging all to come allow themselves to be transformed by the Lord, to experience more of His blessings and miracles in their life. People responded to God’s calling. The Service ended with a wonderful praise. Some of Hong Kong brothers and sisters had to leave for the airport and some left behind to continue to impart God’s Word in the Word for Life to build up our brothers and sister.

We all experienced and witnessed God’s wonderful work in this trip. We will bring this experience and this faith and continue to lift God up wherever we go! Praise The Lord!

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