SD2 Christmas Party

December 25, 2013

It was time of the year that we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. SD2 held a Christmas Party at Maxim Palace, invited our family and close friends to share the joy of Christmas.

Praise God that there were about 97 attended the Party and we were honored to have Pastor Gavin and Arlene joining us in the celebration.

As we looked back on 2103 through our recap, we could see God’s blessing and we are indeed His beloved children.

Sister Kat testified the changes that brought to her by Jesus, brother Lai linked it to the blessings that we all had had and then Pastor Gavin shared the interesting perspective that Jesus was born to die for all of us, to save us and encourage us to follow Him who loves us so much.

We also took this opportunity to thank our leaders Pastor Gavin and Arlene who serve God and His people selflessly. At the same time, we were thankful to all the visitors who joined us and the organizing committee.

The night continued with thanksgiving, games, caroling,gifts exchanges and laughter. We were indeed blessed to be a part of this spiritual family.

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2014!

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