SD3 Youth 1 Unit Camp – 愛新事家庭

August 10, 2013

Praise The Lord! God led the brothers and sisters of Youth Unit 1 into the Tso Kung Tam campsite for an overnight camp from 10 – 11 August 2013.

The newly restructured unit targeted to gather brothers and sisters together in this camp to strengthen the bonding among each other. Some friends of the unit are also joining the family in this joyful event.

Brothers and sisters gathered in the first evening for some exciting ice breaking games – in fact, the excitement was so great that everyone felt hot! Brothers and sisters spent the rest of the evening knowing each other and building each others’ relationship. Of course, the youth brothers and sisters who had unlimited energy would continue their games until very late at night!

The next morning, after a joyful praise and worship session, brothers and sisters participated a city-tracing game in which they had to finish certain tasks in different places in order to win. Albeit the tough missions, it was so touching to see brothers and sisters helping each other as a team.

The camp concluded with some more team-building games. Praise The Lord for the joy and participation of the brothers and sisters in this camp, and of course, for giving us a wonderful weather!

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