Christmas Celebration

December 20, 2015

Jesus is the Giver !

With Christmas around the corner, brothers, sisters and friends gathered at Hope Centre for our Celebration Service !

The service opened with a video illustrating the birth of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us.  After greeting each other joyfully, the congregation praised and worshipped the Lord wholeheartedly, giving thanks to Him for the amazing salvation that came almost 2000 years ago.

After communion, we watched the video testimonies. Sister Natalie (Group 9) shared how God led her in her teaching career and used her to share His love to her students.  Then, Brother Jun (Group 7) told us how God molded his character and set him free from his worries and negative thinking.   Finally, Sister Donna (Group 1) shared how God came into her life at her darkest times and led her through.  Praise God our Giver for blessing her life in ways that she has never imagined.  Their testimonies truly encouraged and touched each of our hearts.

Then it came the special hand mime presentation brought by the Filipino sisters.  The talented and united team used their hands to illustrate the song “You Gave Your Life Away” by Paul Baloche.  With the assistance of UV lighting, the congregation was mesmerized by the powerful song and words that appeared before them – “Jesus” “gave” “life” “for me”.   Praise the Lord for His glorious love for us !

Pastor Gavin then gave a sermon on John 6:33.  He shared with us how Jesus himself is “the bread of life” – the most precious gift from God.  By explaining passages from the Old Testament, Pastor gave us insight into God’s Will regarding this “bread” from heaven that we should live on – His Word.  God knows exactly what we need and He is always willing to give to us.  As Pastor reminded us, let us come to God daily to receive our daily portion of His Word, which strengthens our faith in our walk with Him.  Praise God, for His grace is always sufficient !

Pastor ministered to the congregation and invited our friends to receive the wonderful gift of Jesus Christ into their lives.

Praise the Lord !

A total of  13 souls were saved this Christmas !
Let us continue to receive our daily portion of our wonderful gift every day !

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