Medical Relief I

Jul, 25 -30  2017

Praise God !

We ventured into Cebu for our 14th Medical Relief in Philippines.More than 100 brothers and sisters joyfully joined, some even succeeded in inviting their friends, family to come.

And by His grace, in the 4 days,we witnessed more than 10,000 people received Jesus into their lives.

During the Medical Relief, we started as early as 5am in the morning and ended at about 5pm. Apart from usual medical checkup, eye check, health talk and counselling, we provided haircut service to the locals. Thank God for the ideas to show care and love kept growing.

We had a team of dedicated doctors from Manila who treated up to 1000 patients each day. We also had a group of teachers with their nursing students helping out in the pharmacy. Our local team helped with the different arrangements to make the running smooth.

It was His love and grace that brought us together and gave us the strength and love to do what we had done.

During the Sunday Service Pastor Gavin shared at the pulpit that the gospel is about His Grace. Jesus came to save us, He is a saviour who came to us. It was not about what we had done or have to do but what God has done for us. The truth opened the eyes of the congregation and many first time visitors were touched by His Words. They raised their hands readily to receive Jesus. Amen !

The Medical Relief had become a retreat for our church to learn to rest in Him and experienced how He opened the ways despite challenges. His Spirit and favour was with us wherever we go. Through the MR, passion and faith of our brothers and sisters grew ever more as they witnessed the power of His Words through participating in it.

Praise God again for the yet another successful Medical Relief. Through MR we saw how our heavenly Father looked for His lost sheep through our church.

Let us continue to abide in Him !

May all glory and honour be unto our God !

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