Medical Relief I

July 24-31, 2018

It’s all because of the Love of Jesus Christ that made the 16thMedical Relief in Cebu, Philippines possible. Praise God that we had a record breaking of 170 brothers and sisters participating. By His grace, we harvested 10,480 lost souls into His Kingdom, making it to a total of 100,211 since the Medical Relief started in December 2010.

As our team grew in numbers, so did the blessings as well as the lives touched. It was great to see more families with the seniors and children coming along in this trip. Apart from our faithful brother and sisters who were committed to the Medical Relief, we also had our local doctors, student nurses team who faithfully joined us. We were blessed with the people who played a part in providing the venue, security, co-ordination and spreading the news to the locals about our cause. Our brothers and sisters had been learning to take on more different roles within the team.

In this round of Medical relief we see an unusually large numbers of children following their parents to receive the medical care provided. It was wonderful to see the love of God healed them deep in their heart, putting smiles on their faces. Though language may be a barrier at times for us but all these were overcome by love, which bridged people closer to each other. Out team may be physically tired but they were emotionally and spiritually charged up the more they shared about the Good News. All the stations registration, blood test, blood pressure, eye check, counseling, doctors, pharmacy and out special children department is always bustling with people throughout the day.

More and more schools welcomed us and the health talks had became an essential part of our Medical Relief. Our health talk team grew in confidence and joy sharing good life habits and bringing the good news to the students. Indeed, we had witnessed the changes in the education system of Philippines. With the free tuition law signed by President Rodrigo Duterte, a total of 112 state universities and colleges, and 78 local universities and colleges nationwide will give more needy students opportunities to have access to higher education from January 2018. Praise the Lord !

On Sunday, there was an outpoured of desire for God. Before the service started, the venue was already flooded with people especially children.  We saw a total of 1408 people attending the service it was the biggest crowd we ever had. God heard the prayers of the people there and led us there, as it was not our intended venue. Everyone was praising and worshipping God with his or her hearts out reaching out to Him in spirit, heart and mind during the worship led by sister Rosa and the worship team.

Because there were so many children in the main congregation, when Pastor Gavin preached “Put On Love” to the congregation, he shared two focuses: God Love me and I love you. He emphasized that we first needed to receive and realize God’s love to us, then we could go and love others. Jesus answered Pharisees about “love the Lord with all your … and love your neighbour as yourself”. However to His disciples “love one another as I have loved

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