Smile, Care, Love-Giving Masks

March 1, 2020

We love because God first loved us.

Thank God for being with us during this time of coronavirus outbreak so that we can have great peace. However, many people have not been able to get masks, especially the elderly and the less privileged. In view of this, as an act of caring for the community, our church decided to go the extra mile to give out masks and sanitizers. We encouraged brothers and sisters to contribute some masks and sanitizers and we worked as a team to pack them up.

On 1 March 2020, the Cantonese and Youth groups went to different areas near Fuk Loi Estate to share out the blessings.

From this act of showing care to the community, we  experienced the joy of giving and learned the way to care for the elderly. Some brothers and sisters even had the chance of sharing the gospel to those who were willing to know more about Jesus.

It is better to give than to receive. Praise God for the opportunity to love and care.

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