11th Church Anniversary Celebration

August 3, 2003

We celebrated our 11th Anniversary on 3 August 2003 at our Sunday service held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in Wanchai. It was attended by 330 guests and members.

“You are the Link” was the theme. Pastor explained at the start of the service that this theme was chosen because each one of us should see ourselves as the link to all our friends and relatives, the link to bring Hope to this world. We held the key to impart the spirit of joy and peace into people’s life.

Testimony by Sister Rosanna

Sister Rosanna shared that the most wonderful thing that happened to her was to know Jesus Christ. It was Him that  brought about a dramatic transformation in her life. She thanked God for providing her with a shepherd who was willing to sacrifice her time and energy to take care of her and share the love of God with her in Australia. Sister Rosanna remembered that her shepherd was very consistent in visiting her when she was very depressed after  failing her examination and she had to re-take the examination 12 months later.

As a Christian, Rosanna’s life was also influenced by a lot of people around her. She had learned from them love, sacrificial giving, forgiveness, gentleness, self-control, persistence and patience. She had been motivated by God to reach out to others. Currently Rosanna was involved in missionary work and she was also determined to plant God’s church.

The Play – “Share His Love”

In a place where the love of God was abundant, there lived a man Mr. Koo (Brother Tung-tung). He refused to accept God’s blessings and he stayed away from the rest in the Christian community. While everyone had given up hope on Mr. Koo, one sister (Sister Elaine) remained very persistent in visiting Mr. Koo. She kept planting the love of God with paper hearts around his house. Finally, Mr. Koo was touched. He came out from his house to receive God.

From the short play, we learnt that every person is precious in God’s eye. If we can be patient and persistent in our effort to reach out to those who need God’s love, they will open their hearts one day.

Pastor Gavin’s Preaching Taken from 1 Corinthians Chapter 12 vs 12-27

Pastor’s expounded on 1 Corinthians 12:12-27. We were the many links that formed one body. God had created each one of us unique, taking on a special role in His plan. Some might think of others as “weaker”, but God said they were “indispensable”. We all needed to be there for one another. Our unity brought God’s presence.
Pride, selfishness, jealousy, un-forgiveness and non-commitment would break the unity, while love, humility, sacrifice, trust and honesty would enhance it.

Formation of the Link

At the end of the sermon, the guest and members were encouraged by Pastor Gavin to attach the buckles given to them at the beginning of the service in order to form a chain. Almost all took their buckles to the front of the stage. The chain that was formed would be put in Hope Centre to signify our commitment in the coming year. It was such a touching moment and surely it will be remembered by everyone.

21 Said “Yes” to Jesus

We had 21 new believers who decided to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior before the service ended. Let us welcome them to Hope of God Church and we look forward to seeing them every Sunday.

Let us link up to God for strength, wisdom and love. We can be the link to channel His blessings, love and peace to the souls that are linked to us.

Be the LINK that makes a difference.

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