Charity St.James

January 14, 2006

On 14 Jan 2006, 16 brothers & sisters of Hope of God Church Hong Kong joined “Deliver The Warmth” of St. James Settlement to deliver the scarves, gloves & some other presents to the 70 households of the elderly in Central & Western District of HK.

At 2pm that day, all brothers and sisters arrived at the St. James Sattlement at Sheung Wan, followed by the briefing of 30 minutes. Then they all went 2 by 2 to visit the elderly at each house.

After the visits, brothers and sisters found that actually quite a lot of them did not hold anymore hope towards their lives and future. Some of them had their own legendary stories and history. And the most important thing was they all need to know Jesus Christ.

This volunteer work enabled us to understand that “To give is better than to receive.” Given we are willing to give, God will for sure bless us much more than what we have given.

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