15th Church Anniversary Cup

July 29, 2007

Praise God that the basketball competition was a great success. Many brothers and sisters, visitors and friends came to participate as players and audience to witness some great play by the basketball players. The preliminarily rounds between SD5 vs SD7 and SD3 vs SD1+2 has been an exciting and encouraging entry point for all of us. Every player coming from student group, professional group or family group has a good sportsmanship spirit. Whenever a player attempts a throw, screams from the spectator stand could be heard. The surprises of the day was done first by Brother Jack from the team of SD1+2 ,he threw in a ball from the middle of court just seconds before half time. Another was done by Eddie,he threw and had it scored with his back facing the net during the intermission when he was taking the role of the referee. Thank God for these brothers!

Between the matches, there was a Cheering Team competition as well as a Sister’s Basketball Competition. SD3 emerged as the overall winner of the Cheering Team competition as each Cheer Member carried an alphabet. As they ran around the basketball courts and singing the tune of “Ding Dong”, we could not only see the words “Youth” but we could feel the spirit of Youth. There were four areas that identified the winner of the Cheering Team. They are: Creativity, Unity, Presentation and Difficulty. Thank God for these youths as they bring so much joy to all of us!

Both SD3 and SD7 emerged as finalists in the basketball competition as each game was made up of two rounds with 15 minutes per round. The skills from both teams were extremely competitive at the final whistle; both sides were tied at 15-15. It was not the end, as with only 5 minutes of extra time left between the finalists between SD3 and SD7, it was a really tight game between the two. Before the ending, SD7 was only 2 points ahead of SD3. The hearts of the audience were pounding hard when finally SD7 emerged as the overall winner with the game closing at 19 -17.

The overall results are as follow:
1) SD7 wins SD5
2) SD3 wins SD1+2
3) SD5 wins SD1+2: SD5 emerged in 3rd place
4) SD7 wins SD3 : SD7 is the winner!

Thank God for this wonderful event as our relationship with our visitors were closer and that we have an opportunity to do sports as we continue to build God’s kingdom.

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