Mother’s Day

May 13, 2007

Praise the Lord that more than 100 brothers and sisters with their mothers joined the Mother’s Day Sunday Service.

After a powerful praise and worship, there was a special presentation dedicated to our loving mothers.The kids from Sunday School sang a song to appreciate all the mothers. They were very energetic and they sang with lovely actions. After the presentation, chairman Vicky invited the mothers to stand up and they all received flowers prepared by the care department.

A touching testimony was given by sister Candy and her daughter Man Yee. Candy shared how God had blessed her family.When Man Yee was at the age of 2-3 months,she threw up suddenly after drinking milk, the vomit ran into her nose and her face turned purple as she could not breathe properly. Candy immediately removed the vomit by her own mouth without any hesitation; Candy thanked God that Man Yee was saved after this action. Man Yee also thanked God for the love and care of her mother and family. She had traveled to different countries such as Seoul, Canada, the United States, Beijing, Bangkok, and Malaysia etc. She had also visited Hope of God Singapore and fellowshiped with the brothers and sisters over there. In year 2004, the day she and her mother were baptized, her father accepted Christ. The whole family had accepted Christ and they always encourage one another by the word of God. Lastly, Candy gave thanks to the Lord that she could learn guitar with Man Yee together and glorify Him.

Before the sermon of “Mother’s Love”, Pastor Gavin blessed all the mothers by a prayer. Pastor Gavin shared the unforgettable and sacrificial love that Christ had given to us. The love and care of our Lord is unconditional and always full of compassion. The sermon was ended by a well known story of “footprint”, God always carries us to go through all suffers and trails, He never forsakes us.

After the serves,we joined together to have lunch in a Chinese restaurant. During the lunch, all the mothers were asked to take photoes with their son or daughters,and instant photoes were presented to them as a gift. Praise the Lord for all the mothers and we were thankful for this memorable Mother’s Day.

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