Bible Conference

June 15, 2007

The theme of the Bible Conference of this year is "Life of Jesus", 259 brothers and sisters joined together and learned from Pastor Prakich. During this 5-days conference, Pastor Prakich, the International Zone Leader of Hope Europe, was our teacher of this Conference.

The lessons were powerfully and succinctly presented in the following framework:

  • General Understanding Required for Studying the Life of Jesus
  • Life of Jesus: Preparation Period
  • Life of Jesus: Public Ministry Period
  • Life of Jesus: the Last Period

As an introduction to ignite the motivation and interest for us to study the bible, Pastor Prakich shared that Jesus is our God and is the greatest person in human history. He is the God in the past, today and forever more. Pastor also shared that the life of Jesus as stipulated in the bible is not a biographies but a testimony that endorses and records in response to the admiration of His life. For example, the death of Jesus was heavily emphasized and no other Biographical books would have talked so much on one’s death. We also learn that each gospel author looks at the life of Jesus from different perspectives and for different audiences. Hence it is like a jigsaw puzzle that puts all the pieces together. And this testimony is very important for all of us to learn and be equipped to share the good news in Jesus’ way.

Pastor Prakich positioned us to look and understand Jesus’ life example in new angles and perspectives. For instance, Jesus knew from the start, that Judas would betray and Peter would deny Him. However, His love for them was so great that both of them were treated with forgiveness. From the perspective of Peter and Judas, we should follow Peter’s willingness to repent when we have done something sinful. Another example of Jesus’ wisdom in evangelism is the Samaritan woman drawing water from the well. Jesus’ remarkable wisdom of aligning well water with the living water successfully convinced the Samaritan to choose living water and follow Jesus whole-heartedly. Last but not least, when Jesus was placed in a seemingly "dead-end" situation where a woman who had committed adultery were about to be stoned to death, Jesus amazingly told the audience to stone this woman if they had no sin. As a result, nobody dared to stone this woman. And the woman’s sin was forgiven.

In the final analysis, Jesus gave the Great Commission to the disciples. Jesus also gave them authority and tasks to do. Today, as Christians, we are also Jesus’ disciples. Therefore, we should also carry out the Great Commission. At the end of the last lesson, Pastor Prakich gave an alter call and almost all of the brothers and sisters were committed to be restored by God and to be used mightily to fulfill the Great Commission together. Hallelujah!

We thank God for such a wonderful teaching and sharing from Pastor Prakich. May God continue to use all of us powerfully as we experience miracles today, just as what had been experienced in the days of Jesus. To God be the glory!

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