16th Church Anniversary Banquet

July 27, 2008

During the evening, many of our brothers and sisters went to Kwai Fong in sports fashion to celebrate our 16th Anniversary at Maxim’s Palace Chinese Restaurant.

The banquet was kicked off with a toast led by Pastor Gavin with all the Sub-District Leaders. After that, teams from each sub-district demonstrated different kinds of sports in the format of catwalks, consisting of Chinese Kungfu (SD1), Boxing (SD2), Football (SD3), weight-lifting (SD4), Equestrian (SD5), Basketball (SD6) and Golf (SD7). Just like the Olympic Games, the show of brothers and sisters were seriously prepared. They used music, singing, dancing and all kinds of methods to demonstrate their relative sports and to establish a close connection with the life of a Christian. It was wonderful to see how creative and joyful our brothers and sisters are. We could see joyful faces on the performers as well as the audience. Finally, the vivid and interesting demonstration of boxing gave SD2 the champion of the catwalk show; SD5 being the first runner-up and SD7 being the second runner-up. Thank God for granting us this creativity!

Dishes were then served in the laughter and joy of our brothers and sisters. In the midst of the banquet, Brother Philip and Jack came up to the stage and played a Quiz Game with us. Each table participated in the competition and had a great time. In the end, a table of SD3 beat the other candidates and won the contest!

After that, the Best of the Best awards were given to Sub-Districts who had growth in different areas. It included Best Growing, Best Attendance in Word for Life, Best for New Believer Converts and Best in shepherding ratio…etc. All of our brothers and sisters also took time to celebrate the birthday of our Sister Arlene; the atmosphere was very sweet.

Towards the end of the banquet, a recap video was shown, reminding us of the joy and achievements we have enjoyed and embraced in the previous year. The brothers and sisters were particularly excited about the move of our church into a new realm!

After the end of the banquet, we all take group photos and left the restaurant happily. Thank God for giving us such a great venue to celebrate our anniversary and His continuous blessings on us. Amen!

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