17th Church Anniversary Banquet

August 16, 2009

Following the anniversary service, brothers and sisters gathered once again in the evening at Kwai Fong Maxim’s Palace Chinese Restaurant. Praise the Lord that more than 430 joining the Banquet.

Pastor Gavin and the 7 Sub-District Leaders (each SD in one unique color adding together to demonstrate a rainbow) started the banquet with a toast.

To reflect our theme “Most Precious Corner”, the “Talent Show” from each sub-district demonstrating different precious gifts were carried out. They used drama, music, dancing, and/or singing to show the importance of God’s love, power of prayers, the friendship and care between brothers and sisters in our lives as Christians.

The vivid and artistic dance performance of SD6, entitled “Set Me Free”, showed how Jesus Christ gives us true liberty from our life’s bondages. Their performance was very good in combining music and choreography and made them deserving the champion. SD5 won the first runner-up – they showed the mighty power of the Lord as well as the unity of the P & W and Hearing team. The second runner-up went to SD 7 – they demonstrated their talent in dressing up and singing like popular singers. All the shows were so creative and meaningful that we all responded joyfully.

After the talent show came the feast! While enjoying the delicious dishes, brothers and sisters from each table participated in a Quiz Game about quick facts of our church and other general knowledge. At the end, the HKU group of SD3 won the game with the most correct answers

Then followed the Best of the Best awards, they were to honor those Sub-Districts who had growth in different areas, such as outstanding in number of new believers, outstanding ratio of attending WFL and Shepherding, etc.

Towards the end of the banquet, brothers and sisters focused their attention on our church’s recap video, which reminded us of the joy and blessings we received from God in the previous year. Together we were able to recall so many precious happy memories from all the past events and were thrilled by the growth of our church!

After the banquet, many of our brothers and sisters lingered in the banquet hall to take group photos. The joy and laughter filled the hall and leaving us a wonderful end-note of the anniversary celebration. Thank God for giving us a fruitful year and this “Most Precious Corner”. Let’s carry on keep growing and win more and more people for Him!

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