Worship Revival

October 1, 2009

Praise the Lord! Hope Worship Revival 2009 took place at Hope Centre on 1st October 2009,the National Day holiday. The theme of the event is “All the Earth”. More than 440 Brothers and sisters from the Cantonese, Filipino, Thai , Youth Service and the Promised Land and Macau joined together to worship our Lord.

As the Praise & Worship team opened with the Mandarin praise “This Generation (這世代)”, the fully packed Hope Centre was instantly ignited. Brothers and sisters jumped with passion and danced with joy as Brother Ray,Sister Rosa and Brother Allen led us into an energetic Praise session for our Lord. Sticks with colourful ribbons waved in the air, and five songs were sung proclaiming God’s power in our lives, including “By Your Side”, “I am Strengthened”, “God is Great”, “God is in the House”, and “I’ve got the Joy”. As the congregation sang praises to God in spirit, we entered the worship session with the song “Holy are You Lord” proclaiming God’s holiness. While the song was sung, some brothers and sisters bowed down to our Lord in adoration, with tears rolling down by the touch of the Holy Spirit. Brothers and Sisters were then encouraged to open their hearts up to God in a Spirit-filled session of free worship.

Although still in thirst for more, the congregation took a break as we sat on the ground to watch a powerful Musical Gospel Drama presentation by the Filipino Group called “”Set Me Free””. Scriptures (from Eph 2:4-5, Psa 118:5, John 8:31-32, Isa. 19:20, Eph 6:10, Rom 6:18, Rom 8:2, John 8:36) were read out by Sister Janelle illustrating God’s great love and mercy on us sinners, rescuing us from sins, and giving us hope and true freedom in Him. The team of Filipino sisters showed dramatically the pain inside a person bound by sin, and how she was set free by the power and glory of God. It was a powerful presentation which touched all of our hearts.sisters.

Afterwards, Sister Lorraine, our faithful and musically-gifted sister with her guitar shared with us 3 songs she composed for the Lord. With Sister Ivy Lam singing harmony, the congregation was absorbed in the beautiful music and lyrics that sings for each of our hearts. The songs include a Cantonese worship “God, forgive me” (神啊,原諒我), an English praise with a light rhythm named “Never Walk Away”. For the third song “Before You”(在祢跟前)sister Lorraine invited the band and the congregation to join her in singing,and encouraging us all to trust in our God. As brothers and sister got to their feet, we once again entered into a session of passionate worship followed by the alter call.

We sang “Still”,”Eagle Wings” and “Alabaster Jar” proclaiming the greatness and love of our Lord, how God can renew our hearts and how we can trust in Him. As we kneeled before the Lord, the Worship Revival reached a climax at the song “Centre of my Life”.While we proclaimed the power of God and putting Him in the centre of our lives,tears rolled down our cheeks again. We were called to be healed, restored and revived in our Lord. As the Holy Spirit filled Hope Centre, Pastor Gavin, Sister Arlene and the sub-district leaders prayed for different groups of brothers and sisters, including those with sickness and those who felt weak in the Lord.

It was a truly Spirit-led afternoon which brought restoration to the lives. The Youth Praise & Worship Team then took over the stage to celebrate the grace of God and close the event with energetic Praise songs, including “Promises”, “Tell the World”, “I am Strengthened in Him” and “The Lord Reigns”! The congregation jumped and danced in joy. It was a lot of fun and smiles were on the faces of all our brothers and sisters!

Thank God for all the gifts He gave to our Praise and Worship Teams, and for all brothers and sisters who participated in the organization of the event, who worked very hard to make it happen. May all honour and praises be to our Lord for this truly blessed afternoon! Looking forward to our next Worship Revival!

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