Easter Celebration

April 4, 2010

Hallelujah! The theme this Easter is “A Vibrant Life”. Over 400 brothers and sisters and friends gathered at Hope Centre to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. Everyone received a beautifully designed rubric’s brick as a souvenir!

After the pre-service prayer meeting, the opening presentation began. Powerful scripture from Isaiah 53:4-5 was read, illustrating the great love of Jesus in His sacrifice for our transgressions. The painful scene of leading up to Jesus’ death was enacted by our brothers and sisters. Jesus’ walked painfully down the aisle carrying His heavy cross, while 2 men whipped Him along the way. Finally, as Jesus was nailed on the cross and died, the verse “”the sun stopped shining. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two”” (Luke 23:45) was re-enacted as the curtains on stage fell, signifying men’s reconciliation with God through Jesus’ sacrifice.

As the curtains were torn, our Filipino sisters presented a graceful dance, and a joyful and powerful session of Praise and Worship followed. The Spirit filled the church as the congregation sang praises of Jesus’ victory and worshipped Him who sacrificed Himself for our sins.

After partaking communion, we watched the video testimonies given by four of our brothers and sisters, who shared how God has transformed their lives from struggle to vibrancy. First, Sister CC and Brother Chun from Youth shared their walk with God. Before they joined Youth, they had difficulties communicating and building relationships with others. However, since being touched by God, Chun noticed a significant change in his personality, and CC transformed from being always grumpy to always wearing a smiley face! Chun is now evangelising through football ministry and CC is playing guitar for Youth Service, and has even pioneered a care group!

Sister Mary from the Filipino group then shared how God has completely changed her life. Before joining Hope, she easily resents advices, and her marriage brought her much struggle. But after she humbled herself before Jesus, she realised her weaknesses, and learnt to forgive those who had hurt her. Praise God! She is now serving in the Filipino Praise & Worship Team, and has the burden to evangelise in the local Filipino community. Finally, Sister Anna from the Hearing God group shared that she used to lack confidence due to her hearing disability. However, since she came to know God, she has overcome her weakness and passiveness through God’s strength and encouragement from brothers and sisters. She is now devoted in serving God and taking care of younger brothers and sisters, and will soon be getting married with Brother MC! Praise the Lord!

Pastor Gavin then gave his preaching from Galatians 2:20, explaining to us how we can have a vibrant life. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, something must die before something beautiful can happen. He reminded us of the importance in completely getting rid of our old selves, not just in our outer actions. Our inner being must be transformed by God. Thinking and acting with our old selves causes us to struggle due to our sinful nature, which separates us from God. Church growth does not depend on numbers, but on brothers and sisters’ faith in God. If we allow Jesus to be in the centre of our lives and live by faith, we would be able to get rid of our old selves, lead a vibrant life and glorify God in front of others. Amen! Praise the Lord!

At the alter call, Pastor Gavin prayed for all brothers and sisters who wanted to be renewed by God in various areas. After that he called for those who were willing to invite Jesus into their lives. Praise God! Eight new souls were touched by the Lord and received Christ on this special day!

In a joyful atmosphere, the service closed as the congregation sang of God’s mighty power!

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