Easter Celebration

April 24, 2011

The theme of our Easter Service this year is “Appointment”. Over 400 brothers and sisters and friends gathered at Hope Centre for their appointment with God to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ His Son.  Everyone received a pair of beautiful coasters of a bride and a groom as a souvenir.

After the pre-service prayer meeting, the opening presentation was shown.  It was a short computer animation produced by our brothers and sisters showing how Jesus has risen from His tomb and overcame death.  We then welcomed each other after the opening prayer.  Everyone greeted each other warmly in the beautifully decorated hall.

A powerful session of praise and worship followed as Sister Rosa led the congregation to sing praises to our Lord and Savior who loved us so much that He sacrificed his life for us , and also celebrating His victory over death.

After partaking communion, the special drama began.  We were brought into the house of a beautiful bride who was eagerly awaiting her groom on their wedding day.  However, worrying news arrived as the groomsmen called and told the maid of honour that the groom could not be found and had already been missing for two days.  The bride and the bridesmaids started panicking.  The bride’s parents also started worrying about the deposit they have paid for the banquet, which sent everyone in the congregation into roars of laughter.  The maid of honour then told the bride reluctantly that she actually saw the groom talking to his ex-girlfriend on the street a few weeks ago.  The bride was confused and worried after hearing all their words.  She started recalling the sweet moments she spent with the groom and what the groom has promised her when he proposed to her, which were all adapted from bible verses.  She was once again filled with hope that her groom will arrive and fulfill his lifelong appointment with her. Finally, of course, the groom arrived and fulfilled his promise.  It was a very happy ending. Whoops and cheers erupted from the congregation for the wonderful acting of our faithful brothers and sisters!

We then watched the video testimonies given by five of our brothers and sisters, who shared how God has blessed them in their lives and in their ministry.  Sister ToiLai and her shepherd Sister Krista from SD3 shared how God had used them to serve Him together in the annual camp held in February.  Although Sister ToiLai was spiritually young, God still used her and gave her the necessary strength and confidence, and allowed her to enjoy the camp while serving Him. Krista and ToiLai complemented each other in their ministry. Praise the Lord!  Brother Vicky and Sister Chris then shared how they have distanced from God since the birth of their child and how God had drawn them back to Him with His grace and love. Since last year, they opened their house for their care group and are now prepared to commit their lives becoming a “”Salt and Light Couple””. Praise God that Vicky’s sheep also decided to be baptized that afternoon! Sister Daryhll from SD1 shared how she experienced God during the annual camp as well. She not only enjoyed it thoroughly and learnt a lot, she even experienced God’s instant healing from her sickness.  Through the camp, she learnt about her weaknesses and how to become a better leader, and now hopes “to go, to grow, and to glow in His Glory”! Amen!

Pastor Gavin then gave his preaching from Isaiah 53:1-6 and Matthew 28:16, which reminded us of God’s appointment with all mankind – that Jesus will come on to the Earth to save us from our appointment with death.  We only need to turn to Him as He has always been there waiting for us as He is the one who initiated the appointment.  Pastor Gavin also explained what causes people to miss this appointment, including self-centredness and fear, just like how the disciples nearly missed their appointment with Jesus on the mountain in Galilee after His resurrection.  Brothers and sisters were encouraged to keep their appointment with God by opening themselves to God just as they are, as God did not come to condemn us but to give us life while we wait with hope for His return!

Praise God! 13 new souls were touched by the Lord and received Christ at the altar call on this special day to fulfill God’s appointment with them!

The service closed with a joyful praise song as brothers and sisters excitedly headed to lunch before traveling to Repulse Bay for baptism!

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