Friend’s Day

November 11, 2012

Over 500 brothers, sisters and friends took part in the Friends Day this year. Praise the Lord!

Brothers and sisters gathered at the Hope Centre for the Sunday service. Pastor Gavin shared the sermon titled “What it takes to be Jesus’ Friend?” (John 15:9-17) and encouraged brothers, sisters and friends to respond to Jesus’ invitation to be our friend who knows us the best and develop a closer personal relationship with Him.

After the Sunday service, the congregation got on coaches and headed to the Tai Lam Country Park for our main event – our picnic at the Park!

It was a lovely Sunday with lots of sunshine. The gatherings of brothers and sisters were complimented with gentle breeze. Thank God for the gorgeous weather! Picture time again!

Like in previous years, brothers and sisters made use of their wonderful giftings in cooking to bless brothers and sisters. To fit into the theme of the “”Good Old Days””, not only did they make food for their own care groups and units, but also tailor-made delicacies or famous signature dishes in the old days for other brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters from different sub-district blessed one another as a team with the heartfelt traditional food and specially-designed dances and songs. Friendship is not merely within one sub-district but is meant to be spread all over the church!

After that, the congregation split into groups to enjoy cooperative games. Again, the games were specially-designed “old” games for us to go back to the good old days and bring back our wonderful memories. The games included carnival games and challenges which were once a hit when some of our brothers, sisters and friends were not even born! Brothers, sisters and friends made use of the chance to know more about others. It was a wonderful experience.

Thank God for giving us this wonderful Friends Day!

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