Hope Couples

September 9, 2012

Praise the Lord that Hope Couple was held successfully and 20 couples joined the event at Chelsea Court Clubhouse. The theme for this year is Trust and Love. The event kicked off with a warm welcome by brother Tony, and followed by a joyful praise led by brother Kin and sister Crystal.

The atmosphere for games was exciting and every participant enjoyed the games. Group discussion and sharing time came right after the tea break. Brothers and sisters shared their experience and heart journey of building relationship with their spouses. All had understood more of Trust and Love through games and sharings. They all acknowledged that though communication between husband and wife is vita, importance of inviting Jesus as the centre of the marriage is a must.

The whole event ended at around 6pm. All were joyful to learn more of ways of applying Gods love, and importance of having Gods presence between husband and wife while the event provided a chance to strengthen relationship between couples. Amen!

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