Water Baptism I

April 8, 2012

Praise the Lord for the wonderful weather, Water Baptism was held successfully with total 35 brothers and sisters being baptized, and near 200 brothers and sisters and friends celebrated together at Repulse Bay.

Ceremony kicked off at 4pm with a prayer then a joyful worship led by Youth group. Pastor Gavin then shared the meaning of water baptism, which was an action of faith, an outward action to declare we follow Jesus. Submerse into and raise again from water symbolised the dying of our old selves and gaining new life in Christ. Pastor then led the whole congregation to pray for the brothers and sisters, and presented the baptism certificates to them.

All participants went down to the beach and water baptism started.
It was so wonderful and joyful to see so many brothers and sisters willing to follow Christ.

Ceremony continued with other brothers and sisters singing praise songs as a support. Brothers and sisters who were water baptized were congratulated by other brothers and sisters and friends, and the whole event finished smoothly under joyful atmosphere.

Praise the Lord for the new members of God’s big family, may God’s kingdom continue to grow and more people to be touched by the love of God.

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