Christmas Celebration

December 22, 2013

With a shining heart shaped pin on everybody coming into the church hall, the theme of this year Christmas service “Light in You” is brought out in a perceptible way.

After showing the opening, it came the praise and worship.

Then the pre-recorded testimonies:

Sister Hagrid from SD3 shared how God’s love has replaced her poor self-image with a shepherd’s heart. Sister Minerva from SD1 was changed from an introvert to an active gospel spreader after receiving Christ. Brother Hoi from SD5 shared that he was changed from a prideful person to a humble one. God has blessed him to bring many to Christ through grace of God.

A short skid followed. It was about a ruined life of “Uncle Ming”, a cleansing worker. He has led a life full of failure and rejection. While sitting alone on Christmas eve in a Park, an angel told him in his dream about the gift of Jesus Christ. A group of brothers and sisters shared with him more after he woke up and invited him to accept Christ who has the power to bring about radical transformation in his life.

Pastor Gavin Toh then shared the sermon. He shared about the light that Jesus Christ has given us. It is indeed a light inside us that drives out darkness in life. This light has overcoming power and brings out the best of ones.  However, too often we tried to take the responsibility to shine into our own hands. We should be instead, like a pond of muddy water, yet reflecting the shinning light of God. Pastor reminded us to gaze upon Jesus rather then struggling on our own.

The service was concluded in Christmas carols.

Praise the Lord for all of His love and salvation.

Let’s keep gazing upon Jesus and shine for Him!

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