Easter Celebration

March 31, 2013

It is Easter! The church gathered together to celebrate the resurrection of “The Triumphant Savior “!

The service started with an opening and followed by a passionate session of praise and worship. The song “One Single Drop” reminded us of the incomprehensible work that He finished for us on the Cross.

We then listened to three touching testimonies. Brother Chi Ho from SD3 shared how God showed him his weaknesses through ministry and shepherding, and how he learned to rely on God to triumph over his pride and hot temper. Then, Sister Sheila from SD1 shared how God amazingly reconciled the broken relationship in her family and led her whole family to Christ through our first Medical Relief held in Ilo Ilo, Philippines. Now they are all serving God together in different places. How blessed! Finally, Sister Carman from SD5 shared how God led her back to church after she made the decision to follow her own will. God not only led her back to His arms after showing her His perfect will, but also allowed her to triumph in her ministry. Praise the Lord!

As the lights dimmed, the congregation was then presented with the Easter Drama. The hall suddenly turned into an auction house where the Shroud of Turin – the linen cloth in which the body of Jesus was wrapped was put up for auction. In the “video” introducing the Shroud, the audience was brought back to the third morning after Jesus’ crucifixion, when the angel brought the good news of His resurrection. Jesus’ tomb was found empty with only the Shroud left inside. Then, the auction began. The excited congregation eagerly raised their hands to bid for the item. Amidst shouts and cheers, Mr. Wa, a billionaire, won the auction at a price of $1 billion! He shared that he came for the memory of his mother who loved Jesus very much, and was touched by the video introduction. In fact, the love of Jesus is more valuable than anything on Earth. Praise God, as He has given everyone of us the most expensive gift – His one and only Son – in a beautiful exchange for our sins and condemnation!

In the sermon, Pastor Gavin shared how we could have a triumphant life by simply seeing Jesus in the right perspective. It is when we truly realize how He has carried all our sins, sorrows and burdens, that we could have joy and hope in Him. We were inspired to ask ourselves whether we truly see Jesus as our Lord and Savior, or do we only see Him as a teacher who could teach us good principles and knowledge. If we see Jesus as our Lord, we do not have to struggle. We could simply gaze on Him, believe in His finished work on the Cross and receive His love and grace. Praise the Lord – for we can have a triumphant life because of His triumphant victory!

At the alter call, 10 new souls were saved into the Kingdom of God! May all the honor and glory be unto our Triumphant Savior!

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