Water Baptism III

October 26, 2014

In the warm and pleasant weather of autumn, 24 brothers and sisters were totally ready to glorify God through their obedience to God, knowing that it is a great blessing to be baptized.

Almost 150 brothers and sisters, families and friends, supported the event.  After Brother Jack committed the event to God in prayers, SD1 led the congregation to praise God, filling the beach with an atmosphere of thanksgiving.

Ps. Gavin reaffirmed that water baptism is a blessing and it is part of God’s plan.  Water baptism is a symbolic meaning of walking away from life struggles into walking with God, reflecting God’s love and grace. Just like the Israelites in Old Testament, they walked out of Egypt, through the Red Sea, into the Promised Land.  We had resurrected with Christ, leaving behind our sinful nature, worries, sufferings and pains when we come out of the water, and begin our victorious life in Christ, who is our provider in all situation.

Ps. Gavin, together with the whole congregation, laid hands and blessed brothers and sisters who were to be baptized.  Praises carried on filling the airwhile the baptism took place.  Joy could be seen in every face and, love and support came in the form of cards, flowers and gifts to all who were baptized from their shepherds and families.

May all the highest glory and honour be unto the Lord and the  ‘New lives’ be testifying Him always.

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