Smile Care Love

February 13, 2015

Our youth organised Smile, Care and Love event yearly since 2010, spreading this love to our community, aiming at every life, young and old.  They put together their hearts, ideas and effort to organise the event.

This year, three stalls of Lunar New Year Night Market at Cheung Sha Wan were bid for Smile, Care,and Love respectively. And God was leading ,from bidding,preparation through to the end. The event was from 13-18 February from 3pm to midnight.

The aim of the event was to spread that message of love with action. Guests were invited to do simple tasks to get any items for half price, as selling was not our target.

At the ‘Smile’ booth, laughing bag was sold. This booth aimed to spread our happy spirit to the community.  All who were interested to buy could simply do two easy tasks to get the item for half price.  First task was to laugh for about 30 seconds then second task was to make the staff laugh. They were then encouraged to spread this laughter in their daily life.

The second was ‘Care’ booth, selling the refillable water hand warmer.  Here, they aimed to put care into action.  Guests were invited to help through carrying some groceries for someone in need. We thanked them and encourage them to put into action in our daily lives. Another task was to ask guest to help staff to read tongue twister to prepare them for competition.  It is an act of kindness.

Last but not least, was the ‘Love’ booth, selling cuddly hand-warmer.  Guests were given a short story to listen to of how a bear was not accepted by people due to his look, attitude, etc. They were then invited to go in and have a look at the bear to see if they were willing to befriend the bear and encourage him, expressing their love and acceptance.

The complete message was to take a step further to add smile, care and love into our daily lives. The whole event ended with a successful note. The respond from public was good and, many expressed their agreement to our message. Brothers and sisters who participated were overflow with joy too. On the last day, we were one of the stalls that ended early as all goods were sold out.

Praise the Lord. May we carry on to flow this love in our lives.


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