Hope Couples

Sep 18, 2016

Praise God that 24 pairs of couples joined the event.

At Noah’s Ark, all the couples had the“Breakthrough”.

The event started with a few indoor ice-breaking games to enhance the loving atmosphere. Then we all proceeded to outdoors.

there were all sorts of rope climbing games, which required courage, strength, and above all mutual cooperation, help & unity between the couples.

At the start, the games seemed to be a bit daunting for the wives, especially for those a few who had height-phobia. But under the encouragement of the instructors as well as the team-mates, all couples braced themselves for the challenge with the faith in the Lord.

At the sharing session, a wife shared that she was not scared though she was not good at the games as her husband was right next to her and helping her. A husband also shared that he thought, before the game started, he could do better than his wife. Yet it turned out that his wife was climbing briskly, reaching the top effortlessly and in the twinkling of an eye. His wife, instead, cheered him up with all support to help him to reach the top together. What this husband learnt was that guys might not be necessarily better than ladies.

Pastor Gavin finished the event with a very inspiring illustration. All couples put on the safety line while playing the climbing games. They knw that even though they might slip their foot or lose their balance, the safety line would save them from landing squarely on the ground. In other words, the safety line keeps them safe, and it gives them courage and faith to brace their challenge ahead. And this safety line is Jesus Christ who is the one we can put our trust in and the one who will surely save us from all kinds of danger. What we need to do, as couples, is to hold onto this safety line,Jesus, all the way in our lives.

By holding onto Him in our lives, we bound to be more than conquerors.

Praise the Lord that 4 pairs of couples joined us for the very first time while 2 pairs were not believers yet.

Thank God for the breakthrough for all of us !

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