Lunar New Year Celebration

Feb 14, 2016

Red Lanterns and Fai-chuns made by brothers and sisters preluded the Lunar Chinese Year Sunday Service, titled “Leaping Year of Joy”.

On the third day of the New Year of Horse, brothers and sisters gathered together on Sunday service, dressed up in traditional Chinese outfits, all are ready to bless others and be blessed in the Lord.

The announcement of Lantern decoration and Fai-chun competitions result came after the praise and worship. This year the winner of Chinese lantern decoration is SD1, 1st runner up SD2 and 2nd runner up SD5. The winner of Fai -chun competition goes to SD2.

The preaching was by Brother Allen, on Luke 1:36-45.  Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, was overwhelmed with joy when she met Mary, mother of Jesus. Having been all along a barren woman, Elizabeth’s pregnancy was a miracle by itself. The joy was multiplied when she met Mary. As Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and received the inspiration of whom the unborn child Jesus was, even baby John leaped in her womb. Likewise, our life plan may not fit into our agenda but God has his timing in our life. Our hearts will be filled with joy as we commit our life to Him.

The service was concluded with traditional Chinese New Year songs, and we were thankful for all the teachings and blessings brought by our Lord.

Let’s look forward to a fruitful year of joy, as God pour out his blessings on us.

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