Water Baptism I

Mar 27, 2016

Hallelujah !

Thank God for the first water baptism of 2016 at the Repulse Bay.

It was a beautiful day and 19 brothers and sisters took the step of faith to declare their decision to follow Jesus in front of the crowd.

Going through the water baptism was an act of trust in God and it signifies the cleansing of the old self just like what the Israelites did when they crossed the Red Sea.

Pastor Gavin shared and reaffirmed the brothers and sister of their action today. They all declared that they understand what they weree doing. All of them believed and would like to receive this blessing that God had given to them. After the presentation of certificates, prayers, they proceeded with excitement to complete the water baptism in the sea.

Under the clear blue sky, with praises to God resounding, the celebration went on. How wonderful it was to see all the photo taking, smiles, laughter in the family of God.

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