Easter Celebration

Apr 16, 2017

The Lord is risen!

“He Forgives!”

After showing the Opening, brother Allen and the Praise and Worship Team led the congregation to worship God, and to celebrate His everlasting love.

Then came the video testimony. Sister Jair (G1) shared how amazing God’s love was. He led her path so that she eventually settled down in Hong Kong and to serve God under a renewed employer.

Sister Rosa (G8) shared how God blessed her via the worship ministry. During her tough times, Rosa would just worship the Lord. She experienced God’s goodness by seeing God’s miracles in her life, like curing her mother’s sickness.

Sister Grace (G5), who is a nurse, shared how God led her studies and her career path throughout the years, and when Grace was feeling lost or stressed, God was and is always there to encourage and to lead her. Grace also managed to lead some of the patients in the hospital to Christ! Praise God for His wonderful works!

After the wonderful testimonies, it came the dance performance by the Filipino group on the theme “He Forgives” and the abundance that the Lord brings us when we abide in Him.

Thereafter, Pastor Gavin shared the sermon on Acts 13:38-39. He said that, before we appreciates the unconditional love of God, we have to understand that God is a just God, and He loves us so much that He forgives our sins totally; not on a casual basis but on a judicial basis. His forgiveness is whole-hearted that He does not want us to be condemned anymore, so He brought Jesus down to take on our sins, and to conquer death for us.

Towards the end, Pastor invited the friends that joined us to accept Christ. And one friend accepted Christ. Praise God for His wonderful works, and may God bless the new “baby” in the family of God !

Happy Easter !

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